Pet Door in Impact Resistant Glass

Many Florida homes feature impact resistant sliding or swing glass doors. For home owners looking for a pet door that can be installed in these types of doors, our double flap in-glass pet door is the ideal option. Our double flap in-glass model fits directly into insulated or impact resistant glass of any thickness. Most common applications include 3/8″ and 1/2″ impact resistant glass and 5/8″ tempered  insulated glass.

As with other models, our double flap in-glass pet door provides excellent sealing capabilities thereby keeping energy efficiency intact. From a safety and security standpoint, the pet door’s 1/4″ thick King Starboard® polymer security cover provides exceptional protection against wind, wind-borne debris, and intruders.

This application requires professional cutting and installation as the existing glass unit is replaced. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, please call (954)637-3672.

The following pictures show our installations in impact resistant and insulated glass doors.


Impact  Impact7


TL Impact Impact4 IG TLP1