In-Glass Model

Our in-glass models are designed to install directly into a pane of glass, making it one of the most attractive and versatile options. When installed in single pane doors or windows, we use 3/16″ tempered glass. 

Whether you have single pane or impact resistant glass units, our in-glass models are designed to fit right in without comprising the structural integrity of the glass. Professional installation is required as the existing glass unit is replaced.

The in-glass unit gives your pet the freedom he/she deserves while maintaining energy efficiency, security, and safety.  Our pet doors are built with high quality materials to last. Backed by an unmatched 5 year limited warranty, this is the only pet door you will need for years to come.

Available frame colors


The following pictures show our installations in single pane glass doors.

 Sliding GlassIG Giant

SidelightSliding Glass 2IG

Sidelight French Cat1IGL DB