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If you love your pets the way we do, you don’t consider them pets but rather a member of your family. As a “pet parent,” you want the absolute best for each of your pets. Unfortunately, many pet parents lead busy lives and must leave home to earn a living. As a result, many pets are confined to crates or other small spaces for up to 9 hours and 45 minutes while the owner works and commutes. Studies show prolonged confinement is harmful to pets’ physical and psychological health. Signs your pet may exhibit as a result of prolonged confinement may include depression, muscle atrophy, obsessive licking, eating disorders, aggression, etc. The question is, why confine a highly loved member of your family?

Atlantic Pet Doors is proud to offer the most convenient, reliable, safe, secure, energy efficient, and cost effective solution – pet doors by Hale Pet Door®. Since 1985, Hale Pet Door® has been manufacturing the highest quality pet doors in the industry. Now available in South Florida through Atlantic Pet Doors, we offer the full line of Hale Pet Door® products including pet doors, access ramps, and security barriers. Call us today for your free estimate.

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